Helsingin Navigaattorit

Our association

Helsingin Navigaattorit is a navigational association. We are based and registered in Helsinki, Finland. We were founded year 1979. We have approximately five hundred members interested in navigation. Most of our members live in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, but we do have members from other parts of Finland and abroad as well.

Our object is to unite those interested in navigation. We teach navigation and boating skills. Our courses [Finnish] are held in open colleges and spoken in Finnish. Twice a year we arrange navigation examinations for Suomen Navigaatioliitto. There are three levels, Inshore, Coastal and Celestial navigation exams. A lower level exam must be passed before one can take the next step. The Inshore and Coastal navigation exams are held in April and December. Celestial navigation exam is held only in April.

Read these instructions in order to take a navigation exam. For Inshore and Coastal navigation exam there may be available an English version (if you don't understand Finnish or Swedish at all, we recommend to contact us at least two months before).

Our membership requires a passed Inshore navigation exam.

We are an associate member of Suomen Navigaatioliitto.